Policy Development & Advocacy  

One year after BID adoption, what has the new organization accomplished? A brief report to the business stakeholders is presented below:

Provide streetscape in the BID area that attracts and enhances business in Westchester
Result – The BID has contracted with a new vendor, Clean Streets, Inc., to provide sidewalk pressure washing, trash collection, street sweeping and wind blown debris pick-up. This vendor comes highly recommended for its work in other communities and was the successful low bidder after an extensive competitive process.


Add pedestrian safety and landscape beautification lighting to the Sepulveda Boulevard Improvement Project – not included in City work
Result – The BID was successful in getting the City to add $30,732 in underground conduit and about $16,000 in water meters to the base City project. The BID retained a professional electrical engineer to prepare plans and specifications necessary to the installation of pedestrian and landscape lighting along Sepulveda Boulevard. City approval and a Building Permit for these plans have been secured. The BID is in the process of contracting for about $160,000 in electrical facility installations and is attempting to raise an additional $95,000 from several community groups to fund palm tree lighting costs, making the total benefit of this BID project approximately $255,000.

Coordinate construction work on the Sepulveda Boulevard Improvement Project so as to minimize adverse business / community impacts
Result – Improvements to the West side of Sepulveda Boulevard are scheduled for completion by July 1; and, the contractor is hoping to complete all major project work about six (6) months early, in mid-November. What a wonderful new streetscape Westchester will have to identify, beautify, and re-vitalize to community.

Represent BID interests in the LAX Expansion proposal
Result – The BID has responded to the airport’s “Notice of Preparation” of an environmental impact report on the possible amendment of their Specific Plan by asking for a thorough economic evaluation of the potential impacts it may have on Westchester business community.

Facilitate merchant group success - Triangle Merchants’ Group
Result - The BID has attempted to promote Triangle Merchants’ Group activity and even sponsored several promotional efforts. While a core group of business people continue to be active, it seems that the majority of the business owners in the Triangle area cannot sustain active participation on a continuing basis. Consequently, the group’s members seem to be on the eve of reconsidering its nature and role.

Represent BID interests in planning for Northside LAX land uses
Result – The BID attended the Northside land use workshop co-sponsored by the City Council Office and Los Angeles International Airports to express the idea that any use of currently vacant Northside land should contribute to the economic viability of the Westchester business district and not adversely impact the adjacent neighborhoods. Another land use planning session may be planned for July, at which time the BID will resume its efforts.

Implement efficient & effective BID operations
Result – The BID has been successful in its requests for about $46,732 in funding assistance from the City of Los Angeles that will benefit its stakeholders (for electrical conduit extensions and the addition of water meters to the Sepulveda Boulevard Improvement Project). These would not have been provided for the project had it not been for BID advocacy of its stakeholder’s interests. In addition, the BID has generated operating savings to fund the installation of electrical facilities in Sepulveda Boulevard. Night lighting in the BID area will identify, beautify, revitalize, and enhance community safety in the area. The BID has also working to bring about the planting of street trees and sidewalk repairs in the Triangle area.

Promote positive stakeholder relations and BID participation
Result – The BID has written several “open letters” to all stakeholders and invited their participation in BID affairs. An electronically distributed newsletter, BID News, has been created and distributed in an effort to open on-going communications with the stakeholders.

Facilitate City adoption of a Design Overlay District to improve the business district
Result – The City has adopted a Community Design Overlay District (or “CDO”) for the Westchester business district that will improve and standardize storefront design, building orientation, landscaping, and signage. The new CDO will also prohibit any property owner from re-configuring parking in a way the conflicts with neighboring property owners, and to the detriment of the district as a whole. The BID played a leadership role in making sure that as many community groups as possible fully participated in CDO review, modification, and adoption.

Advocate for improved BID area parking
– The BID worked with the Westchester Parking Association to study the feasibility of adding parking in the Triangle area, and in retaining a new parking enforcement contractor to bring about increased parking availability. Without adequate parking, business cannot prosper, thus it the best interests of BID stakeholders that it use its best efforts to create expanded parking opportunities in the area.
Do you have some thoughts to share with the BID Board or the Executive Director? Write or telephone Don Duckworth 8929 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite #130 Westchester, CA 90045; (310) 417-9030.

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